Deputies' Surgeries

There is always a douzenier present at the surgery should you wish to bring any parish matter to the attention of the Douzaine.

The Castel Deputies' Surgeries will be at Delisles Church Hall while the Douzaine Hall is being extended and refurbished.
The Surgeries, which give an opportunity for parishioners to discuss any issue with their Deputies and a member of the Douzaine, will continue to be from 10-12 on the Saturday before most States Meetings.
As the States are meeting more often during term times, with some meetings only two weeks apart, the Deputies and Douzaine have agreed the following dates:

Future surgeries will be held on the following Saturdays:

2017: 25 March, 22 April,13 May, 3 June at Delisles Church Hall.

The 17th June 2017 meeting will be held at the Refurbished Castel Douzaine Room

Deputy Mark Dorey said:

“The Deputies are pleased that the Surgeries can continue during the refurbishment of the Douzaine Hall and we wish to thank the Douzaine for renting Delisles during the period. It has a large car park and is not far from the Douzaine room and would be well known to many parishioners as it is just below Les Beaucamps High School.
Although the Deputies and Douzaine are contactable by phone or email, the surgeries give an opportunity for parishioners to meet them to discuss any issue, and in particular, items due to be debated by the States.”