Castel Parish

Fairfield Hire Form

FAIRFIELD HIRE contract Jan 2014






Each distribution box contains :-


1 x 32amp 240 volt outlet

2 x 16 amp 240 volt outlets


Each outlet is individually controlled rotected by a 30mA RCD (trip switch - yellow button with 'T' on it) and the associated rating MCB (miniature circuit breaker)


To use - plug in to the required outlet - 32amp or 16amp and switch on teh associated MCB and RCD as required.


Test the RCD (trip switch ) by pressing the yellow button marked with 'T'. When pressed the RCD should 'trip out' after testing reset back to ON. If when tested the RCD does not 'trip out' then -DO NOT USE


I f while using the outlets the MCB trips out then this is probably due to the outlet being overloaded i.e. too much electrical equipment plugged into it?

Kettles, water boilers and electric heaters draw a lot of current! Check the rating of the appliance being used.


If the RCD (trip switch) trips out then this could be because of either a short circuit i.e. cable/extension lead being damaged or an earth fault i.e. possibly the appliance being used has got damp/wet. If this happens unplug and check the cable/ extension lead being used , reset the RCD and plug the extension lead back into the outlet. If the RCD still trips out then get the lead / appliance being used checked by an electrician!


Do Not use damaged extension leads/cables.


Do Not overload extension leads/cables.


Make sure the extension lead/cable being used is correct for the application ?







The hire form is currently being amended.


We are not taking any further bookings for 2018.


Please call the office 01481 255644 if you have any queries.