Castel Parish

Income Tax Forms

Paper forms for 2017 returns will be available from the Castel Douzaine Office (9am - 12 noon weekdays) from January 2nd 2018.

The 2017 forms may be downloaded from

To be returned to the Income Tax Department by November 30th 2018.


Here are some questions you may think of asking and the replies:


a.  How can I register in order to complete my personal tax on line?

Go to and under New Users click on Individuals then follow the instructions.


b.  How is the online form signed?

It is a digital signature as you have to tick a box to confirm the contents of the form, so in effect the tick box replaces your written signature. You will have already registered in order to complete the return, so you will have logged in using your unique password and memorable word.


c.  Can I ask staff at the Castel Douzaine Room questions on how to complete my tax return?

The Income Tax Office approached the Castel Douzaine asking that they would be a collection point for their personal tax returns, which they kindly agreed. The Income Tax office do not wish to create any additional work for them. Also they have not been trained to be able to deal with tax queries. Therefore if you have queries, please telephone the Income Tax Office on 724711. Also there are notes accompanying the return for your guidance, and there is a " How to Complete Your Personal Return" booklet available on our website( individuals) or by phoning 724711.


d.  Can I bring my completed form back to the Douzaine Room?

No, please return them to the Income Tax Office in the usual way.