Moorings Committee Meeting

All boat owners mooring at Vazon, Cobo, Longport or Grandes Rocques must complete the Mooring forms and pay fee annually (available from the Castel Douzaine office). Boats must be insured before using a mooring.


All persons having registered moorings in the Castel Parish bays are required to ensure that their mooring buoys are clearly marked with their official registration number by 30th April 2016..
The position and allocation will be determined and a record kept by the Moorings Committee.
Any mooring not so marked will be deemed abandoned and the position will be made available for re-allocation.
Boat owners must inform the Castel Harbourmaster if they sell or dispose of their vessels, and are reminded that moorings are NOT transferable from one person to another without permission of the Moorings Committee.
Everyone with moorings in the Castel Parish are hereby notified that it will be necessary to complete an annual registration form, available from the Douzaine Office, at the beginning of the season.
It is also a ruling of the Moorings Committee that proof of a ‘third party insurance’ must be provided prior to putting vessels in the water.
Failure to comply with the above rulings may result in the forfeit of a mooring.

N F Acton
R P Falla
Constables/Castel Moorings Committee