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Publication Parish Meeting April 11th 2018 - Castel Douzaine

Publication Parish Meeting April 11th 2018

The Constables and Douzaine of the Castel Parish invite the Electors and Ratepayers thereof to meet at La Chambre de la Douzaine, Les Beaucamps, on Wednesday 11 April 2018 at the conclusion of the meeting convened by the Rector and Churchwardens which commences at 7.00 p.m. to transact the following business:

  • 1. To pass the Parochial Cemetery Accounts for 2017, which have been duly audited.
  •  2. To pass the Constables’ Accounts for 2017, which have been duly audited.
  •  3. To decide whether they are in favour of voting the following amounts to be levied by means of Owner’s Rate for the current year:
    •  Ordinary upkeep of the Parochial cemeteries  –  £74,900.00
    •  Ordinary repairs to the Rectory –  £4,100.00
    •  Tax on Real Property, Rectory and Lands belonging to the cure –  £915.53
    •  Insurance of the Parish Church and Rectory  –  £7,700.00
    •  Cost of publishing parochial notices and Parish magazine –  £9,000.00
    •  Parochial Administration, viz: staff salaries, office expenses including printing, stationery, IT equipment, postage, audit, rent, Insurance, legal and sundry other parochial expenses – £125,000.00
    •  Repair and maintenance of the Douzaine property – £30,000.00
    •  Street Lighting – £4,300.00
    • Public needs to be approved by the Parish, viz:
      i. Upkeep of Fairfield, Parish land, Street Furniture, Allotments, Troughs, Floral displays, Penstocks –  £25,000.00
      ii. Grants to Schools for books –   £7,000.00
      Cadastre Expenses (contribution to States Cadastre)  – £6,000.00
      Less rent receipts – Rectory (net)  –  minus £10,000.00
      Less income received –  minus £14,000.00
      Total = £269,915.53
  •  4. To decide whether they are in favour of voting the sum of £441,000.00 to be levied on domestic property owners in the Parish by means of Refuse Rate for the collection and disposal of household refuse for the current year
  •  5. (a) To request the Constables to apply to the Royal Court for a Remede to levy the aforesaid sums.
    (b) To approve that the said Owner’s Rate, together with that approved at the Meeting convened by the Rector and Churchwardens and the Refuse Rate shall be levied by applying the relative factors to the TRP unit value of the relevant Cadastre categories as approved at the Ratepayers Meeting of 29th April 2009 (details of which are displayed at the Douzaine Room)
  • 6. To approve the drawing upon of £30,000.00 from the Parish Reserve Fund for the establishing of the new cemetery (and thereby reducing the balance of the Reserve Fund to nil) and to instruct the Constables to make application to the Royal Court for confirmation.
  • 7. To take such measures as the Electors and Ratepayers may deem advisable. The accounts of the Constables / Cemeteries Committee and Churchwardens will be available for inspection at the Douzaine Room up to and including the 11th April 2018.

J Cook
J Beausire,

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