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Photographic Competition - Capture the Character of Castel - Castel Douzaine

Photographic Competition – Capture the Character of Castel


Share your photographs of the Castel Parish with us.

Castel Constables and Douzaine are launching a photography competition for pictures that illustrate the unique character of the Castel Parish.

There are three prizes of £100 offered for those pictures judged to best convey the essence of the Castel Parish character.

Large canvas prints will be made of photographs of merit which will be used to decorate the new Castel Douzaine Hall and new Boardroom.

This is an opportunity for Islanders of all ages and levels of expertise to exercise their photographic flair to capture and share their visions of Castel.

Castel is a Parish that offers an almost limitless choice of images of seascapes, action shots, rural settings and horticultural history to inspire photographic composition. Individual interpretation of the nature and real character of the Parish is the objective of the competition.

The competition is open to individuals, schools and photographic clubs.

Further details of the competition can be obtained from Castel Douzaine Office, 01481 255644.

Photographs and digital e-mailed entries should be submitted together with the location of the picture and the photographer’s details to Castel Photographic Competition, La Chambre de la Douzaine, Les Beaucamps, Castel, GY5 7PE.

Final date for entries – March 31st 2019


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