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Procureur of the Poor | Castel Parish | Guernsey, Channel Islands

Procureur of the Poor

In Castel, the Office of Procureur has been absorbed by the Junior Constable.  

Whilst the States of Guernsey Social Security Department is responsible for providing Supplementary Benefit for those individuals in need on a weekly basis, the Procureur provides emergency assistance in the form of food vouchers so that no family need go without food.  Food vouchers, which cannot be used for alcohol, tobacco or cash, are given so that a family will have food to feed their children.  

There are a small number of occasions when the benefit system falls short but, for the most part, it serves the island well.  Christmas time is often a time of hardship for families and the Procureur is able to give assistance so that families can have a special Christmas Dinner.  

Financial support is given to the Procureur from charitable sources and the parish is grateful to The Sarnia Management Corporation as well as The Lions Club of Guernsey who provide help at Christmas.   

Please contact the Constable on +44 (0) 7781 422927.

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