Mooring rates

All boat owners mooring at Vazon, Cobo, Longport or Grandes Rocques must complete the Moorings Committee moorings form and pay a fee annually.


Moorings are provided at Vazon, Cobo, Longport or Grandes Rocques for boat owners. There are certain rules and restrictions which apply to these moorings, and boat owners who wish to be considered should contact the Constables Office, which will put them in touch with the relevant Harbour Master to discuss their requirements and the suitability of the three different locations. If accepted for a mooring, the boat owner must complete an application form and pay an annual fee of £20. All boats must be insured before using a mooring, and policy details must be entered on the application form.

The Castel Mooring Committee holds an open meeting for all boat owners who wish to renew their mooring. The meeting is held in March and is publicised in La Gazette.