The Castel Douzaine Office is open from 9am-12 noon, Monday to Friday
Refuse Collection | Castel Parish | Guernsey, Channel Islands


Household refuse is currently collected once a week in Castel.

In the table below you will be able to find the day which refuse collection takes place for your house.

For more information on refuse collection, please visit the States of Guernsey website.

Click here for information about recycling collection.

Road NameRefuse Collection Day
Clos De Belle VueMonday evening
Rue De La CacheMonday evening
Carlton EstateMonday evening
Rue De La CharrueeMonday evening
Chemin RobinMonday evening
Route Du CoboMonday evening
La PlanqueMonday evening
Rue ChouMonday evening
Rue De La CroixMonday evening
Clos Des EmraisMonday evening
Ruette Des EmraisMonday evening
Ruette Des ForfaituresMonday evening
Rue Des FrancisMonday evening
Rue du GalaadMonday evening
Clos Grandes MiellesMonday evening
Grandes Rocques RoadMonday evening
Grandes Rocques EstatesMonday evening
La Haye Des puitsMonday evening
Route De La Hougue Du PommierMonday evening
Rue Des HoumetsMonday evening
Lilyvale CrescentMonday evening
Route De La Mare De CarteretMonday evening
Clos Des MiellesMonday evening
Courtil OllivierMonday evening
Port Soif RoadMonday evening
Rue De PresbytereMonday evening
Rue Au PretreMonday evening
Rue Au RonceMonday evening
Rue De La Ronde ChemineeMonday evening
La SalineMonday evening
Route De SaumarezMonday evening
Ruette SaumarezMonday evening
Rue Des TouilletsMonday evening
Clos Des VarendesMonday evening
Clos D'AlbecqTuesday evening
La BanquetteTuesday evening
Rue De BouverieTuesday evening
Clos Le CampTuesday evening
Route De CarteretTuesday evening
Estates Les CherfsTuesday evening
Cobo Coast RoadTuesday evening
Route De CoboTuesday evening
Ruettes Des CorniellesTuesday evening
Courtil CoboTuesday evening
Clos De CarteretTuesday evening
Clos DeaneTuesday evening
Le Douit BoudinTuesday evening
Le FeugreTuesday evening
Ruette Des FriesTuesday evening
Genats EstateTuesday evening
Ruette De La GenrotteTuesday evening
La GiffardiereTuesday evening
Rue De La HougueTuesday evening
L'Aumone EstateTuesday evening
Rue De La LandeTuesday evening
Ruettes Des MarottesTuesday evening
Rue De La MasseTuesday evening
Rue La NeuveTuesday evening
La PerceeTuesday evening
Le Pre De La CotteTuesday evening
Les QueritesTuesday evening
Rue Des RenouardsTuesday evening
RetotTuesday evening
Clos De SalleTuesday evening
Rue St GermainTuesday evening
Terramar CourtTuesday evening
Rue TraverseeTuesday evening
Ruette De La TourTuesday evening
Rue D'AlbecqWednesday evening
Les BaissieresWednesday evening
Clos De BarmereWednesday evening
Clos De BeaumontWednesday evening
Les BeaucampsWednesday evening
Ruette St BriocqWednesday evening
Clos De La CacheWednesday evening
Clos Des CauvainsWednesday evening
Chemin Des MontsWednesday evening
Route De CoboWednesday evening
Clos De CordageWednesday evening
La CroixWednesday evening
Rue Des DelislesWednesday evening
Ruette Des EffardsWednesday evening
Rue Des EtursWednesday evening
Rue Du EgliseWednesday evening
Rue De La FoireWednesday evening
Clos De GoddardsWednesday evening
Goddards RiseWednesday evening
Rue Dues GoddardsWednesday evening
La HouguetteWednesday evening
Les LandellesWednesday evening
La Mare EstateWednesday evening
Route De La MareWednesday evening
Mares LitresWednesday evening
Le Mont D'AvalWednesday evening
Rue La NeuveWednesday evening
Rue De La PerruqueWednesday evening
De Lis Clos La Petite MareWednesday evening
Clos Des Petits PuitsWednesday evening
Rue Du PreelWednesday evening
Queux LaneWednesday evening
Clos De RocquetteWednesday evening
Sous La MareWednesday evening
Sous Les Courtils (and all estates)Wednesday evening
Rue Des TamarisWednesday evening
Le TertreWednesday evening
Route Du Tertre (and all estates)Wednesday evening
Village RachelleWednesday evening
Clos De BeauvoirThursday evening
Rue Des BellesThursday evening
Rue Des BergersThursday evening
Rue Des BoulainsThursday evening
Candie RoadThursday evening
Chemin Des MontsThursday evening
Route Des Clos Au CompteThursday evening
Rue Estates CohuThursday evening
Courtil Simon LaneThursday evening
Rue D'EnferThursday evening
Rue Du Dos D'AneThursday evening
Rue Du DouitThursday evening
Rue Des FauxquetsThursday evening
Rue A FresnesThursday evening
Rue Du Frie PlaidyThursday evening
Rue Du GeleThursday evening
Les Grandes MoulinsThursday evening
Rue Des GrantezThursday evening
Clos GuildownThursday evening
Rue De HamelThursday evening
Ruette Des Haut SejourThursday evening
Rue De La HayeThursday evening
Highland EstateThursday evening
Rue Des HougueThursday evening
Rue De La HuretteThursday evening
Ruette JulienneThursday evening
Rue A L'EauThursday evening
Rue Des MaraisThursday evening
Meadow DriveThursday evening
Rue Des MortsThursday evening
Les PelleysThursday evening
Rue PietteThursday evening
Ruette PonchezThursday evening
Rue De La PorteThursday evening
Pre Du QuertierThursday evening
Les PuitsThursday evening
Clos De SaumarezThursday evening
Talbot ValleyThursday evening
Rue TorvalThursday evening
Rue Des ValleesThursday evening
Vazon Coast RoadThursday evening
Clos De VillocqThursday evening
Estate Le VillocqThursday evening
Lane Le VillocqThursday evening
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