The Castel Douzaine Office is open from 9am-12 noon, Monday to Friday – Remember Dog Tax is now due.
Sports | Castel Parish | Guernsey, Channel Islands


There are many opportunities to play sports in Castel, at your own leisure or with a club or society. The parish boasts some beautiful beaches such as Vazon and Cobo, which are popular for swimming, surfing and sandracing.

Here you will find more information about some of the sporting activities available to try in Castel, as well as contact details for the various clubs held in the parish.

Blessed with clear seas and coasts just minutes away from anywhere, there are many other outdoor sports that take place in Castel and across the island in the summer months, such as coasteering, paddle-boarding and kayaking. For more information please visit Outdoor Guernsey‘s website.

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