Refuse and recycling

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Pay as you throw

Pay as you throw stickers are for sale in local supermarkets and other retailers now.

Please do not put bags out without stickers – THEY WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.

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Food waste

  • All leftover food. This includes tea bags and coffee grounds and things like egg shells, vegetables and fruit plus peelings. This category does not include liquids such as milk, oil or liquid fat.


  • Any clean glass, bottles or jars.

Paper & cardboard – Clear bags

  • Clean and uncontaminated cardboard, paper, magazines, envelopes and unwanted circulars.

Plastics & cartons – Blue bags

  • Milk and food cartons, tins and cans, empty aerosol containers, plastic tops and lids, plus aluminium containers and foil.
  • Plastic bottles, tubs, trays and pots, packaging from food, drink, cosmetics, toiletries, and cleaning products.
  • Food and drink cartons are also accepted if they are clean.

Other – Black sacks

  • Black plastic, thin film, crisp packets, paper or card contaminated with food, nappies, plastic bags and plastic items other than the plastic allowed in the blue bag.

Collection dates

Food waste is collected weekly on your bin night.

Other household waste are collected fortnightly, alternating each week between Glass and Blue bags, Bag and Clear bags.

Use this simple tool to find your bin night by entering your postcode.

My bin night